About Come&Go.io

What is Come&Go.io?

Come&Go.io is a browser-based multiplayer io game that plays well on desktop and mobile devices. It's super easy to play and offers distinct, sophisticated visuals. A single player mode is also available as a fallback.


At its core, Come&Go.io is a multiplayer game. Players compete to collect the most orbs before the timer runs out. Matches are kept short to be engaging, and offer breaks in between. As there is no way to directly attack other players, Come&Go.io is fairly light-hearted and casual.

Single Player

When you visit Games By Bob, you will not be bored - even if you are the only one. Come&Go.io will seamlessly switch between single player and multiplayer modes as players come and go, heh. To win in single player mode, you must collect enough orbs before the timer runs out. I tried to balance the goal for each map to provide a moderate level of difficulty.

Touch, Mouse, and Keyboard

This is my pride and joy. If there is one aspect of Come&Go.io that I have considered the most, it might be the controls. Poor user interaction can ruin a game very quickly. I have yet to experience on-screen joysticks that are anything but frustrating. Dare I say that the controls of Come&Go.io are pretty good? I hope you'll agree. They are designed to be as consistent as possible across platforms, however there will naturally be some differences.

Map Visuals

Come&Go.io is a 2D game, however most of the visuals are 3D renderings. I design all of the maps by hand (at least so far), and optimize for playability. Then, I use a mix of powerful procedural tools and manual tweaking to add all the details.

Multiplayer - Coming Later

I would like to enhance the the game's multiplayer to include matchmaking and private invitations. Matchmaking would attempt to group players by their level of competitiveness. With private invitations, players could have more control over who they play with, and possibly create their own map playlists.

In the very beginning, Come&Go.io was intended to be a cooperative multiplayer game. Regardless, players competed for the limitedly available orbs. A truly cooperative multiplayer mode would be something special. I may revisit this another time.

Single Player - Coming Later

I think a dedicated single player mode would be nice. This would feature a collection of maps built specifically to be played by one person at a time. Maybe you get three stars if your score is really good. Or perhaps the goal is to collect the orbs as efficiently as possible by bouncing around the map.

Player Skins - Coming Later

The set of player skins available in Come&Go.io will grow to encompass a wide variety of emotions, colors, and textures. For all of the completionists out there, there will be lots to collect. I hope to animate the skins a little too, we'll see.

Audio - Coming Later

At a minimum, Come&Go.io needs a signature sound for collecting orbs and bouncing off the walls. A catchy jingle when games start and end would go a long way too.

Map Visuals - Coming Later

I have big, big plans for taking the visuals of Come&Go.io to the next level. Right now, the maps are very playable, but they are not yet awesome. Akin to the daily render scene in 3D communities, my goal is to push creative exploration through rapid experimentation. The best new maps will be published for you to play.