About Games By Bob

What is Games By Bob?

Hi, my name is Bob, and I make games. Games By Bob is a gaming site, built to showcase my creations. These games are made with love, to bring you joy. I post updates as often as I can, so keep an eye out.

Who is Bob?

I am an independent game developer, making games makes me happy. Games are fascinating to me as a wonderful intersection of technology, art, and social interaction. For over a decade, I have pursued a variety of game development related endeavors. I've been playing games even longer, since around the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) era.

What makes Games By Bob different?

All of these games are created by me. This includes the graphics, audio, code, and everything else. Juggling all of these creatives is something of an undertaking. For better or worse, nobody else does it just like me. With so many games out there, I hope you'll find something special in Games By Bob.

What is Come&Go.io?

This is my first game on Games By Bob! It's an exciting new io game featuring silky smooth controls and totally unique worlds. You can play it here, and read more about it here.